Web Design & Development

We build modern, cross device, user friendly and results oriented websites

People access the internet from a variety of devices, be it desktop, tablet or smartphones; it is predicted that soon mobile & tablet traffic will overtake desktop-based access.

Responsive Web Design

We have already noticed a significant shift on all of our clients websites. Mobile traffic now accounts for at least 50% of their traffic.

Google and other search engines now give mobile friendly websites a higher ranking priority when searches are realized from a mobile device.  Making "Responsive Web & Adaptive Design" more important than ever.


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is "fluid" and the website will adapt to any size of screen no matter the target device. RWD uses "css @media queries" to change styles based on the target device such as display type, width, height etc.

Adaptive Web Design (AWD) uses "static" layouts based on breakpoints which will not respond once the page has been initially loaded. AWD works by detecting the screen size and then loads the appropriate layout. In general you would create approximately a design for at least 6 of the most accepted screen widths.

AWD is an effective way useful to modify an existing desktop site to make it mobile friendly.

Mobile First Design Principle

When designing a new website we take the "mobile first" approach. This means that we design for the smallest screen first showing only the most essential content that the user needs to see. 

This approach is better than designing for desktop first because its easier to add elements than to take them away. 

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WordPress CMS

Many of our clients ask why we choose to use WordPress instead of other Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal or Joomla.

The answer is simple; firstly we are WordPress experts who develop custom WordPress themes and plugins.


WordPress is user friendly

  • We customize the WordPress administration panel so it is very easy for our clients to use. Allowing for fast & efficient content publishing.

WordPress is Search Engine friendly

  • WordPress can provides SEO friendly URLs (pretty links).
  • Adding an SEO plugin such as "Yoast SEO" means that end users can be trained to optimize their pages by:
    • updating meta data & preview snippets.
    • adding schema micro data.
    • updating XML site maps.

WordPress is developer friendly

  • Due to its flexibility practically anything can be built on WordPress.
  • It has one the largest support communities.
  • It is open source.
  • Approximately 25% of all websites on the internet are run on WordPress.

Sites built with CMS's allow clients the flexibility to add, update, and edit content on their site without needing to know HTML.

Other CMS's & PHP Frameworks

Although we love WordPress it's not always the correct platform to use.

Depending on our client's marketing objectives and ideas, we may find that we need to use a different platform or framework. This is determined during the planning stage.

We also develop on these CMS's and PHP frameworks:

  • Expression Engine
  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter

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E-Commerce Websites

Our E-Commerce solutions will help you sell and distribute your products. From digital to physical products, including membership sites.

Before we embark on the E-Commerce journey with you we will need to understand more about your product or service. This is done during our planning & strategy stage and will help us decide which is the right E-Commerce platform for you to use.

We offer a few different solutions to our clients: