Google Analytics Training

Understand how to use the industry leading analytics tool & make better business decisions

Want to learn Google Analytics or train your marketing team to gain better marketing insights? 

In our Google Analytics training course, we explore how to use Google Analytics to gather meaningful data to analyse your website or mobile app performance. From basic goal tracking to cross-domain tracking and multi-channel funnels we have got you covered.

Our Google Analytics 101 course is a personalised course usually spread over 8, 3 hour lessons. In the final lesson you will take Google Analytics Certification exam and become a certified Google Analytics Ninja!

Interested In Google Analytics?

101 Course Overview

This course covers the basics of Google Analytics software. The material is applicable for websites using Universal Analytics.

Why measure?

In the initial session we talk about the benefits of measuring data as well as understanding the business framework "See, Think, Do, Care."

As laid out by the analytics Guru "Avinash Kaushik."

Google Analytics Principles

  • How to sign up for an account.
  • How Google Analytics works.
  • What are metrics and dimensions.
  • Basic reports overview.

Acquisition: How did visitors arrive?

  • Where do site visitors come from?
  • Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • Tagging campaigns for email, social media, and offline marketing

Behavior: What did the visitors do?

  • Which page did they land on?
  • What pages did users look at?
  • How did they navigate on the site?
  • How long did they stay on the site?
  • Did they search for anything?

Audience: Who are my visitors?

  • What is their geographic location?
  • What is their gender or age?
  • Did they use their mobile phone or laptop?

Goals & Conversions: Actions made by the visitor

  • What are goals?
  • How are goals defined?
  • What is an eCommerce conversion?
  • How does eCommerce differ from a goal?

Segmentation & Custom Reports

  • What is segmentation
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Custom reports
  • Custom dashboards

Multi-Channel Funnels & Attribution Modeling

  • Understand the visitor acquisition path.
  • Understand which marketing channel is working best.

And much much more!

Interested In Google Analytics?