Sargento Pimienta

Sargento Pimienta has had a massive following for over 40 years, mainly as a bar where local bands come and play. As times change so do the clientele of the bar. So Sargento Pimienta needed to reach out to the new generation.

We came up with a design for the site where the flyers of the events could be uploaded as well as showing the event data, in micro data format so it can be found by search engines.

We also integrated their site and events information with their Facebook fan page. They now have over 150,000 fans on Facebook! When we started there were 40,000.

In conjunction with the site launch we launched an internet radio station for the bar. Which has DJ shows and also live music from the bar. The next step will be to video stream concerts.

Due to our efforts the bar is now open from Tuesday through to Saturday. Whereas before it was only from Thursday to Saturday.

We continue to work with Sargento Pimienta and we are now looking for new ideas to capitalise on their huge fan base.

Services Provided

Responsive Web Design
WordPress CMS
Speed Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

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