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Google Analytics 4 Migration

Universal Analytics will stop working on 1st July 2023.
You should migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ASAP.

On March 16, 2022 Google, Announced that they will be shutting down Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. 

Until this date, you can continue to collect new data in your Universal Analytics properties. However, after this date, no new data will be processed by Universal Analytics. Nonetheless, you will still be able to access previously processed data on your Universal Analytics property for at least six months after the shut off date.

If you are still using Universal Analytics you should plan to take action now so you get as much data into your GA4 account. We recommend that you should have at least a full year of data in your account so that you can take into account seasonality plus take advantages of GA4’s machine learning models. 

So you do not have a year to migrate you have months! 

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Planning your Migration to GA4

Some migrations from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 might be relatively simple. However, many migrations are quite complex depending on the your site set up and what you want to track. 

However, as GA4 tracks everything on an event based model and not on a session based model like Universal Analytics, GA4 is a lot more flexible so planning your migration is crucial to ensure that the correct data is being sent and that all the teams involved are analysing the correct data.

How does Google Analytics 4 differ to Universal

As mentioned above the main difference is the new event based model which is why everyone has to migrate from Universal Analytics. 

In the table below we present some of the fundamental differences between UA & GA4.

Universal Analytics Google Analytics 4
Measurement Model Session based data model Flexible event based data model
Reporting Limited cross device & cross platform reporting Full cross device and cross platform reporting
Hit Limits 10 Million hits per month per property No hit limits
Data Sampling Sampling over 500K sessions No sampling on Standar reports (10M events in advanced view)
IP Anonymisation Can be disabled Cannot be disabled (increased privacy features)
Big Query Integration Only available to GA 360 users Available for free
Advanced Analysis Free form explorations / analysis is not available Advanced analysis (explorations) is enabled by default.

Why should you migrate to GA4 as soon as possible

The sooner you migrate to GA4, the more historical data you will have.

We believe that the goal should be to have at least a year’s worth of data for the most important interactions on your site.

By having full access to your historical data in Google Analytics 4  you can then maximize the analysis of your digital marketing campaigns and therefore make informed decisions for your organisation / business.

Please take note that there isn’t a magic button that you can press that will automatically switch you over to GA4. 

This process takes time and planning. Below you will see what we call our 3D Framework for migrating organisations over to GA4. 


The 3D Framework




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