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At 54 Solutions, we love what we do, especially when it comes to our unmatched expertise in WordPress & WooCommerce.

With 20+ years of experience in the web development industry (and 10+ years as WordPress web developers), we have thrived by paying personal attention to each and every client project.

However, due to high demand for our services, sometimes we are unable to take on new projects. In such scenarios, we highly recommend Codeable. You can visit our Codeable profile here. So in this article, we will provide an in-depth overview of Codeable and its benefits, along with our Codeable review.

What Is Codeable?

Codeable is a platform which connects small and large business owners with highly vetted WordPress experts for short-term, full-time or recurring WordPress projects.

Over the years, Codeable developers have amassed a strong reputation for their ability to deliver premium WordPress development services. Codeable is also highly recommended by hosting such as Cloudways, WPEngine and Kinsta, plus theme and plugin development companies like Gravity Forms, WooCommerce and Toolset just to name a few.

Codeable has a thriving community of 500+ vetted WordPress web developers and designers, making it a solid place to find quality-focused WordPress experts with the skills you need.

What differentiates Codeable from other freelance platforms is the quality of both projects posted on the platform and the deliverables received by the clients. This is because Codeable developers excel at providing WordPress development services without the hassles of traditional outsourcing.

Once you post a project, the team at Codeable gets to work and matches you with the WordPress experts most suitable for the job, with the right skills and availability.

For the developers working on Codeable, they know that the clients are serious and willing to pay fair rates for high-quality work, while the service providers are more than capable of delivering such work.

All this is ensured by a strict vetting process. Codeable only accepts the top 2% of WordPress web developers who apply to be a part of Codeable. The vetting process tests applicants not just on their coding skills, but also on their communication and aptitude for remote work.

Why Hire With Codeable?

While we already touched upon some aspects of Codeable that make it better than other service marketplaces, let’s expand on this Codeable review to take a closer look at what that means for you as a brand or business:

Codeable Review: Is It Right For You?

We have been a part of the Codeable and its community for the last 7 years. Both as a client and as Codeable developers, we have had our fair share of experiences to be able to provide an objective perspective on using it for your WordPress projects.

It’s a platform we confidently recommend. However, there are certain scenarios where Codeable might not be the right fit for you. These include:

Final Verdict

To sum up, we are proud members of the Codeable community and have come to rely on it to best serve our clients.

Codeable emphasizes the value of a clear scope, which sets the right foundation for successful completion of a project.

For business owners that aren’t 100% sure on the scope that they need for their project. They can post a consultation task, which allows them to interact with a wordpress expert and talk to them about their project or website issues. The consultation task is currently valued at $69 for 1 hour of the expert’s time and usually doesn’t involve any coding.

During this one hour consultation, the WordPress expert (developer) can help scope out your project and review the problems you may be having, in order to provide a clear scope. In some cases, the issues might be resolved within this hour itself.

In addition, Codeable’s customer support has strict quality standards and competent developer community have always been there to help us and our clients.

So if you’re considering hiring WordPress development experts, you’re more than welcome to find and work with us through the Codeable platform.

Come Find Us On Codeable

With over 70 successful projects and all 5-star ratings, our work on Codeable speaks for itself. We don’t just build or fix websites, but also make them ready to convert and drive real business results.