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Approachable, Affordable, Experienced, Global

Many clients ask us why 54 Solutions? The answer is simple.
We offer digital solutions, and 54 because we started in Argentina where the dialing code is +54.

Why Work With Us


We love to hear about your project plans and ideas. In our initial meetings we will help you define your marketing objectives and won't confuse you with technical jargon.


With production offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lima, Peru, our rates are very competitive. Especially for European and North American clients.


Our team have worked in the media and web industry for over 15 years and keep up-to-date with all new advances in the digital web industry.

We have helped several start ups get off the ground. Check out our portfolio.


Our client base spans the globe from Europe to the US and from South America to Australia. Due to this diversity we have learned how unique cultural traits affect user interaction.

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